Hello and welcome, how nice to meet you here!


I’m Sandra. On Berries & Lime I combine two of my passions: cooking and photography. Here you’ll find recipes of the food that makes me happy: vibrant sweet and savoury dishes, prepared with whole, plant-based ingredients.

Cooking and eating are social occasions I cherish. Whether it’s washing and prepping vegetables from the school allotment with the children, joining a friend in the kitchen to make lunch, or planning a festive dinner with my family, there’s little as satisfying as getting together to talk and share some wonderful food.

On a daily basis, I try to bring as much variation in our meals as possible (the most frequent answer to the question “what’s for dinner?” is “an experiment”). The intended result is a balanced diet. The added bonus is that it makes eating fun and interesting, because we get to enjoy something new every time.

All this doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Although I love trying out elaborate recipes, most of the times all you need is a few beautiful ingredients. Let them speak for themselves and you’ll get food that tastes as good as it looks.

The food you see has been cooked and photographed by me and usually gets eaten immediately after capture by an impatient husband and children with or without their schoolmates. That means no artificial styling tricks and no food waste, which to me makes the pictures taste just that bit better.

I’m not a native writer in English, so if you catch me using strange expressions or making crooked sentences, I hope you’ll bear with me… I hope you’ll enjoy the food as much as I do, or that you’ll be tempted to turn the ingredients into a completely different dish. If you do so, I’d love to hear about it!

Happy cooking!



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