Gluten free buckwheat and quinoa shortcrust pastry

This wholesome gluten free shortcrust pastry makes a lovely crumbly base for quiches and tarts. The buckwheat and quinoa flour give it a deep, warm flavour which pairs wonderfully with fresh and more savoury fillings, like it does in our pattypan squash and courgette tart with basil ricotta. I don’t use xanthan gum when I […]

Homemade pesto alla genovese

Green pesto is one of the greatest culinary inventions ever and when it’s homemade, it goes unchallenged. Above you see a portion I whipped up for Maaike’s lovely tear & share pesto bread. But it’s also the perfect match for sweet potato gnocchi, pizza, mozzarella sandwiches, peach and tomato salads, soup and of course all […]

Kohlrabi salad: two wonderful ways

My friend Anca has a beautiful vegetable garden. The garden itself isn’t big, but she and her husband packed it with vegetable plots, glass houses for exotic herbs and lattice work for high-growing tomato plants and bean stalks. When she was giving me a tour the other day past beautiful black cherry tomatoes, cheerfully spotted […]

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