wild garlic tortellini

Wild garlic tortellini with broad bean pesto and basil oil

Spring is here! Regardless of nightly frost and occasional hail storms still passing over Holland, what makes it undeniably so is the emergence of wild garlic in our forests, hedgerows and, I’m happy to say, in the shaded corners of my own garden. As wild garlic is one of the first edible things to start […]

French toast

Pumpkin spiced French toast with yogurt and citrus wedges

Spring break started this week and I’ve come prepared: I stocked up on the basics for the ultimate French toast, to treat myself and my loved ones to the most lovely leasurely breakfast. Ever since I was little, my mum made the best French toast – and so she still does. I don’t know if […]

coconut tartlets

Creamy coconut tartlets with lime and passion fruit coulis

My eldest has her birthday in the days running up to Valentine’s day. This means that around this time of year, our living room is decorated with lovebird garlands and heart-shaped balloons, and that on her birthday parties we’re never short of love-themed give-aways. In my view, there are worse things to associate your birthday […]

aquafaba pancakes

Fluffy aquafaba pancakes with maple and vanilla plums

In this summer’s post on my favourite egg substitutes, I cheered about the versatility of chickpea water, or aquafaba. With its properties mimicking both the effect of egg whites and egg yolks, it’s a bit of a miracle ingredient in the vegan kitchen, while at the same time it’s incredibly easy to come by. Whenever […]

mushroom tart

Vegan mushroom tart with chestnuts and Jerusalem artichokes

This winter weather has me craving warm, comforting flavours and oven-baked goodness for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I love cooking with winter vegetables and fortunately, there are plenty of options to turn on the oven for. So when I stumbled upon a bag of Jerusalem artichokes and a left-over batch of chestnuts, I immediately knew […]


Vegan stollen wreath with cranberries and homemade marzipan

Our house is smelling wonderfully, because I’m baking Christmas stollen! Traditionally, stollen is a German bread, baked in the advent period. Growing up in the Netherlands, though, our Christmas breakfast has also never been complete without a slice of this sugar-dusted, fruit and marzipan filled goodness. The past years I’ve been baking my own, experimenting […]

beetroot salad

Golden beetroot salad with cranberries and spiced pecans

Some ingredients can turn your dinner into a festive meal without any effort whatsoever. With their vibrant looks and fresh flavour, golden beetroots are one of them. Where I live, golden beetroots are much less commonly available than their red siblings, so when I do stumble upon them, I immediately buy lots of them and […]

grain salad

Grain salad with grilled veg and fresh herbs

For a nice grain salad you can wake me up any time. Since I stopped eating meat, grains and vegetables have moved up from being humble side dishes to forming the base of my meals. It’s a development I’m quite happy about and these days I can’t imagine ever having wanted to eat differently. Especially […]

carrot cake oatmeal

Carrot cake oatmeal with blueberries and heritage carrots

When the afternoons are warm and sunny, but the girls start taking out their gloves before hopping on their bikes in the morning, you know autumn has arrived and is here to stay. Though I know not everyone’s as happy about summer coming to an end, I so love this time of year, with its […]

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