caramelised onions

Caramelised onions to top almost anything

Does something which only requires three very basic ingredients and a bit of patience count as a recipe and deserve its own blog post? I wouldn’t always say yes to this question, but when it comes to caramelised onions I do. Because this particular combination of simple basics turns something nice into something truly amazing. […]

egg substitutes

Effective egg substitutes for vegan baking

Whether you’re vegan, cutting down on dairy for dietary reasons, or you just discovered you forgot to buy eggs while in the midst of baking, there may be occasions where you find yourself looking for egg substitutes to use in your baked goods. The good news is, you can achieve fluffy pancakes, moist brownies, beautifully […]

baked oats

Baked oats with berries and vanilla

Today marks the first day of spring – and it’s freezing! Bright blue skies and the spring flowers in my garden tell me softer weather’s really on its way, but right now I can still use a friendly nudge before I go out and hop on the bike in the morning. Fortunately I’ve got just […]

wild garlic focaccia

Wild garlic focaccia with bay and rosemary

Wild garlic season’s here again! With snow and ice melting away, you can see the first wild garlic leaves emerging in forests and hedgerows. After months of cooking with winter veg and frozen fruits, to me this marks the start of fresh spring cooking and I couldn’t be happier. The young leaves with their distinct […]

mini cakes

Springtime sweetpea and basil mini cakes with vanilla and lemon frosting

This month my eldest has her birthday. The entire month, that is, because due to school weekend activities and family members being on holidays, her birthday celebration is being stretched over a period of five weeks. This can mean only one thing: lots and lots of cake! Because she reached the age of elegant young […]

mushroom risotto

Mushroom risotto with tarragon oil and toasted pecans

When I posted my overnight oats recipe last week, my sis-in-law responded on Instagram that this would make my brother a happy man, because Bircher was one of his favourite breakfasts. Fond as I am of my brother, I didn’t know that. Apparently, busy adult living means you sometimes miss crucial developments in each other’s […]


Homemade mushroom, herb and vegetable broth

Though a lot of dishes can be made perfectly well with stock made from stock cubes, nothing beats the flavour and nutritional value of a home cooked vegetable broth. That said, I’ll start with the confession it took me years before I truly felt this way. In my heart I just knew that broth made […]

beetroot hummus

Roasted beetroot hummus with walnuts and lemon zest

Truth be told, when I first made this roasted beetroot hummus, my primary motivation was its looks. What better way to give a platter of veggies and falafel wow factor than by serving it with the contrasting colours of herby cream and bright pink hummus for dipping? But as it is with judging a person […]

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