beetroot hummus

Roasted beetroot hummus with walnuts and lemon zest

Truth be told, when I first made this roasted beetroot hummus, my primary motivation was its looks. What better way to give a platter of veggies and falafel wow factor than by serving it with the contrasting colours of herby cream and bright pink hummus for dipping? But as it is with judging a person […]


Crisp and herby homemade falafel

Every November my husband and his friends take off to a holiday rental, where they spend three days playing games and catching up. During these weekends they traditionally feed themselves with tinned soup and kale mash, but one of the nights my husband does the cooking, choosing a  surprise theme or cuisine to feed the […]

gevulde pompoen

Stuffed squash with herby wild rice salad and pomegranate

After a few weeks of trial cooking, last weekend I finally managed to tick that one important Christmas preparation box: deciding which dishes are going to make it to our Christmas dinner table this year. I know Christmas is supposed to be about surrounding yourself with your loved ones, who don’t need much more than […]

tarte tatin

Baby beetroot tatin with red onion and balsamic caramel

With two more weeks to go, Christmas preparations are in full swing. The tree’s up and decorated, Christmas presents are picked, bought and handmade and I’m happily testing recipes for our family Christmas dinner. Right now, this beetroot tatin is on the shortlist! For children and grown-ups alike, there’s something utterly festive about being allowed […]


Hummus with smoky roasted red pepper

Did I really never post a hummus recipe before? Considering the large amounts of hummus consumed in our house every week, it’s high time I filled in that gap. Because it combines wonderful flavour with being healthy, versatile and ready in no time, hummus is the kind of food of which everyone should have a […]

bao buns

Bao buns with glazed aubergine and mixed mushrooms

Ever since making my first culinary attempts with a Chinese school friend, I´ve loved Chinese cooking. Over the years I´ve cooked my fair share of stir-fries, wonton soup and dim sum, to name just a few. Since turning vegetarian, though, I´ve had to reinvent many of my staple recipes and I have to admit I´ve […]

pumpkin cinnamon sticky buns

Pretty pumpkin cinnamon sticky buns

Welcome, glorious pumpkin season! To the delight of my family and dinner-joining school friends, these days you can find me turning pumpkin into something roasted, mashed or baked almost every week. Pumpkin simply makes so many things even better. This doesn’t hold true for savoury dishes only, but also for sweet baking. The addition of […]

pumpkin puree

How to make pumpkin puree as a base for baking

Autumn being in full swing and Halloween just around the corner, our house is filled with all things pumpkin. We have our carved pumpkins decorating the garden and we’ve already had our fair share of squash soup and roasted pumpkin dishes. Apart from starring in savoury dishes, though, pumpkin can also happily take on a […]

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