bao buns

Bao buns with glazed aubergine and mixed mushrooms

Ever since making my first culinary attempts with a Chinese school friend, I´ve loved Chinese cooking. Over the years I´ve cooked my fair share of stir-fries, wonton soup and dim sum, to name just a few. Since turning vegetarian, though, I´ve had to reinvent many of my staple recipes and I have to admit I´ve […]

pumpkin cinnamon sticky buns

Pretty pumpkin cinnamon sticky buns

Welcome, glorious pumpkin season! To the delight of my family and dinner-joining school friends, these days you can find me turning pumpkin into something roasted, mashed or baked almost every week. Pumpkin simply makes so many things even better. This doesn’t hold true for savoury dishes only, but also for sweet baking. The addition of […]

pumpkin puree

How to make pumpkin puree as a base for baking

Autumn being in full swing and Halloween just around the corner, our house is filled with all things pumpkin. We have our carved pumpkins decorating the garden and we’ve already had our fair share of squash soup and roasted pumpkin dishes. Apart from starring in savoury dishes, though, pumpkin can also happily take on a […]

roasted squash

Couscous with maple-roasted squash and crunchy chickpeas

Autumn is here and I couldn’t be happier with the prospect of all the warm-spiced sweet and savoury foods to be enjoyed in the next couple of months. Roasted squash and pumpkins, freshly picked chestnuts and seasonal baking, I’m ready to go! This week I put my oven to work and welcomed the season with […]

roasted chickpeas

Crisp-roasted spiced chickpeas

As you can tell from my recipes, I love chickpeas and I use them whenever I can, but up till recently I’d only used them in their soft, floury state. I´ve been missing out! A while ago I finally ventured making these attractive, spicy-looking crisp-roasted chickpeas you can see circulating on the Internet. They were […]

chocolate pancakes

Double chocolate pancakes with chickpea and chestnut flour

With a chocolate ganache birthday cake and chocolate cupcakes to hand out at school, my youngest’s birthday has been filled with all things chocolatey. And what better way to start a day like that than with chocolate pancakes? Recently, I’ve come to the state of luxury in which, if anyone wants pancakes for breakfast, my […]


Warm-spiced lentil ragù with mushrooms and fresh herbs

The upcoming chill in the air calls for blankets, large lattes and warming bowls of comfort food. Just the right time to cook a big batch of bolognese! This veg and fresh herb-laden lentil ragù is my favourite veggie version of a traditional bolognese. Filled with Puy lentils for bite, chestnut mushrooms for their juicy […]


Maki sushi with black rice and marinated carrot

Before I turned vegetarian, if you were to ask me what my favourite food was, I´d answer without hesitation: sushi. Not only was it the perfect combination of flavours and textures, it was also the dish I enjoyed most making together as a family. After abandoning meat and fish from my diet, I found making […]

nice cream

Summery tropical fruit nice cream

Next to fire, the wheel, written language and almond butter, I think nice cream heads the list of best inventions ever. Whoever was the first to think that freezing a banana and whizzing it into a snack might be a good idea, deserves a medal in my book – if they didn´t already get one. […]


Dolmadakia – vine leaves with rice and fresh herbs

Grapes are slowly ripening in our garden. It’s a process I follow with happy anticipation every year, but at the moment the abundantly growing tendrils and leaves around the fruits are of even more interest to me: it’s the perfect time to make dolmadakia! Dolmades, or the Greek diminutive dolmadakia, are the stuffed vine leaves […]

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