beetroot salad

Golden beetroot salad with cranberries and spiced pecans

Some ingredients can turn your dinner into a festive meal without any effort whatsoever. With their vibrant looks and fresh flavour, golden beetroots are one of them. Where I live, golden beetroots are much less commonly available than their red siblings, so when I do stumble upon them, I immediately buy lots of them and […]

tahini granola

Tahini granola with pistachios and rose petals

I always have a jar of tahini in the cupboard, ready to come to the rescue during sudden hummus cravings, or to be used for savoury dipping sauces and salad dressings. But did you know that the stuff is as versatile as any nut or seed butter and is equally delicious when used to make […]

grain salad

Grain salad with grilled veg and fresh herbs

For a nice grain salad you can wake me up any time. Since I stopped eating meat, grains and vegetables have moved up from being humble side dishes to forming the base of my meals. It’s a development I’m quite happy about and these days I can’t imagine ever having wanted to eat differently. Especially […]

carrot cake oatmeal

Carrot cake oatmeal with blueberries and heritage carrots

When the afternoons are warm and sunny, but the girls start taking out their gloves before hopping on their bikes in the morning, you know autumn has arrived and is here to stay. Though I know not everyone’s as happy about summer coming to an end, I so love this time of year, with its […]

broccoli pizza

Broccoli pizza with basil oil and griddled veg

When your nine-year-old asks you if she can cook dinner tonight, asks, just to be sure, if she can choose to make anything she wants and concludes: “Then I´m making broccoli pizza!”, you know you must have done something right. As you can see, we all love veggie-based pizza at our house. It´s crisp, packed […]


Golden laksa with soba noodles and green veg

After a long and lovely summer break, school has started again for the girls, as has for me the daily routine of writing, recipe testing and capturing the results. At the same time, hot summer weather is changing into a softer Indian summer, with intermittent sudden outbursts of pouring rain and chilly moments announcing the […]


Courgette cake with lemon and bergamot flavoured raisins

This summer my garden has been looking less than abundant. With this heatwave and ongoing draught I limited watering the plants to just the few that I’ve been eagerly expecting to yield fruits and vegetables: the wineberry bush, the orca beanstalk, the butternut squash plant and the courgette plant. Scorching temperatures or not, though, with […]

peach ice cream

Almond and wild peach ice cream

It’s the hottest summer we’ve had in years. And it’s wild peach season! So why not put one and one together and make a big batch of wild peach ice cream? With the delicate flavour of peaches which are now at their best, it makes the perfect summer refreshment. It takes just a few ingredients, […]

potato salad

New potato salad with vinaigrette and fresh herbs

Barbecue season has started, as has picknick season, dinner in the garden season and enjoying long, leasurely late-night drinks outside season. Whether you jump at the chance of outdoor grilling, or, like me, you prefer bringing out completely prepared ahead dishes for outdoor enjoyment, this new potato salad makes the perfect side to anything you’ll […]

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