dried orange slices

How to dry orange slices to make natural Christmas decorations

Christmas is just around the corner – it’s time to get festive and cosy! Decorating the house while playing Christmas songs and sipping hot chocolate is my favourite way to start the season and a never-failing way to get into that holiday spirit. I like to use natural elements and homemade ornaments both for decorating […]

roasted vegetables

Roasted vegetables with crumbly almond picada

The shops are filled with the most beautiful range of autumn produce. I’m roasting my pumpkins and root veggies by the dozen and I love the prospect of turning them into warming comfort food for the colder weeks to come. That means a lot of soups, stews and curries with roasted vegetables in a supporting […]

vegan cardamom knots

Vegan cardamom knots with pumpkin purée and orange zest

Pumpkin season’s here and I’m welcoming it with open arms. These weeks our dinner plates are filled with everything pumpkin in the savoury range. And I’ve already stacked my freezer with portions of homemade pumpkin purée, to use it in warm-spiced porridge, wintry granola and all kinds of sweet bakes. Because especially in vegan baking, […]

peach tart

Vegan peach tart with lemon and cardamom frangipane

We’re in the tail of summer fruit season and I’m making the most of every summer berry and soft stone fruit I can find while they’re still here. By using them in salads and summer breakfasts, or simply munching them up by the handful in all their juicy glory. And I couldn’t let the season […]

chocolate overnight oats

Chocolate overnight oats with cherry compote

Summer is for quick and cold breakfasts and for eating as much summer fruit as you can while it’s at its delicious peak. So with cherry season in full swing, I love to start the day with one of my favourite quick and cold breakfasts starring this gorgeous summer fruit: chocolate overnight oats with cherry […]

lavender scones

Vegan lemon and lavender scones with white chocolate cream

Lavender is blooming in abundance and this can only mean one thing: it’s time to bake lemon and lavender scones! Scones are my favourite sweet treats to make for sudden cravings or unexpected guests. For all their crumbly deliciousness they’re quick and easy to whip up. They’re wonderful simply flavoured with sugar and vanilla, but […]

Easter buns

Vegan Easter buns with chai spices and bergamot-infused cranberries

Easter is just around the corner. Like last year, festivities may still be small-scaled, but that’s all the more reason to make the most of Easter at home! Catch up with your loved ones over the phone, bring in those spring flowers and enjoy a leisurely Easter brunch in the small circle of your nearest […]

lentil polpette

Lentil polpette in roasted red pepper sauce

In our house we all love pulses. With the wide variety of lentils and beans available, some of them always find their way into our soups and stews for added protein, form the base for creamy dips, or get turned into burgers when we’re up for something hearty and filling. And when comfort food is […]

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