Creamy strawberry and banana semifreddo

I have come across recipes for homemade banana ice cream for quite a while. Last week I finally tried to make it, to the delight of my sons. This healthy dessert, with no added sugars, was a real treat.

The texture of my ice cream resembles a semifreddo: a creamy half frozen strawberry banana mousse. The reason for this is that my food processor is not powerful enough to blend frozen strawberries. By letting them thaw a little before blending they become easier to crush. And it tastes equally delicious!

Strawberry banana semifreddo


  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 100g frozen strawberries

Plus: a food processor or powerful blender.


Slice the bananas into small pieces. Put the banana slices in a freezer container and freeze them for at least two hours. Blend the banana pieces until the mixture goes creamy, like soft-serve ice cream. Once the bananas are smooth, toss in the strawberries and continue to blend until you achieve a creamy texture.

If your food processor is not powerful enough – just like mine – you can let the strawberries thaw a little before blending. You could also add a dash of milk or (less healthy, but tasteful) a spoonful of mascarpone to loosen things up.

You can create your own flavour combinations by mixing the banana base with anything you want: blueberries, vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, walnuts etc.

This recipe is easy and fun to make with kids.