Flatbread pizzas with baba ganoush and roasted veg

Pizza night is always a happy night at our place. There’s nothing quite as fun as starting with a pizza base and stacking on as many different ingredients as you like for a custom-made, relaxed dinner. Lately we swapped traditional pizza bases for fluffy yogurt flatbreads to make these easy flatbread pizzas. With their airy texture and delicious flavour these flatbreads are quite addictive on their own already. Top them with selected pizza goodies and prepare yourself for a feast.

flatbread pizzas

Usually I cover the table with lots of different toppings, so everyone can pick and combine the flavours they like best. Think tomato sauce, pesto, sweetcorn, artichoke hearts, sliced fennel, diced peppers, fried mushrooms, fresh herbs, leafy greens….. For the flatbread pizzas pictured above I picked a combination of fresh, spring-like flavours and colours. Smoky and zesty baba ganoush, combined with the deep, sweet and savoury flavours of caramelised shallots and crisp-roasted, spiced chickpeas. Grilled yellow pepper, sliced avo, a bunch of parsley and a handful of spinach leaves for freshness and pizza never sounded so wholesome before!

baba ganoush

Making your own baba ganoush takes a bit of patience, as do the caramelised onions. It’s not so much actual cooking time, though, as it is time to let their amazing flavours develop, which make every minute worth your while! Both can be easily prepared ahead, and they keep well in the fridge, so with a bit of planning pizza night itself will be a breeze.

Mix, match and enjoy – happy cooking!

flatbread pizzas

Flatbread pizzas with baba ganoush and roasted veg – serves 4




Heat the oven grill.

Line a baking sheet with aluminium foil. Put the bell pepper halves on the baking sheet, cut side down, and place them directly under the grill. Grill the peppers for 5 minutes, until the skins are charred and blistered. Transfer the peppers to a bowl. Cover with cling film and leave to cool. When the peppers are cool enough to handle, peel them and cut them into strips.

Generously spread the flatbreads with baba ganoush and top them with the caramellised shallots, pepper strips, roasted chickpeas, parsley, spinach leaves and avo slices. Or simply put the flatbreads and all the toppings on the table and let people help themselves to flatbread pizzas with the toppings of their choice.

flatbread pizzas