black bean salad

Black bean salad with charred sweetcorn and oven-baked tortilla chips

It’s cold and grey outside, so let’s bring in those warm colours and fresh and sunny flavours! This week I treated my family to this Mexican-inspired black bean salad and put a big smile on their faces. It combines some of my favourite ingredients that are just meant to be put together: smoky black beans, […]

quinoa porridge

Quinoa porridge with cinnamon, coconut and fresh fruits

More grains for breakfast this week! Well, seeds, actually, because the base for this week’s breakfast is quinoa. If you’ve read more of my recipes, you’ll know I just love quinoa. When boiled, it’s good in sweet as well as savoury dishes; when ground, it makes a flavoursome gluten free alternative to wheat flour and […]

Harira with orange zest and grilled red pepper

During the highlight of the school year, the annual school Christmas dinner, every child brings something home-cooked to share with their classmates at night. A few years ago, my daughter returned from this event quite excited, telling me about the wonderful soup a Moroccan classmate had brought. Her enthusiasm resulted in a playdate in which […]

Festive bites 2/2: herby stuffed chestnut mushrooms

Following the recipe for our cottage cheese filled courgette rolls, here’s another quick and savoury bite for festive occasions. These stuffed mushrooms are a family favourite we often serve at parties and dinners, because they’re not only delicious but also, since they can be completely prepared ahead, very practical. Basically, they’re just mushroom caps topped with […]

Festive bites 1/2: cottage cheese filled courgette rolls

We’re nearing the end of a long, festive month! At our place, we usually fill the table for festive gatherings with a variation of small vegetarian dishes to suit everyone’s liking. To keep myself calm during the organisation process, this year I’ve fallen back on trusted recipes from chefs who never let me down (say, Ottolenghi, Alice […]

Bean salad 2/2: cavolo nero with scarlet runner beans and roasted purple Brussels sprouts

In my previous post I told you about the joint kitchen project I undertook with my friend the other day. We set out to each make our own version of a bean salad, using one of the beautiful bean varieties harvested from her vegetable garden. The previous post ended with the recipe for Anca’s salad; in […]

Bean salad 1/2: colourful pinto bean salad with fresh herb dressing

This summer I posted about my friend Anca’s wonderful vegetable garden. At that time the two of us had headed into the kitchen to each make our own version of kohlrabi salad using her home-grown purple kohlrabi. Apart from kohlrabi, her garden produced aubergines, lots of different tomato varieties, berries, exotic herbs and many different […]

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