Creamy soup of roasted chestnuts

Hooray for fall, it’s chestnut season again! In Germany, from this period on you can buy freshly roasted chestnuts on every corner, to singe your fingers and lift your spirits. With temperatures lowering, these warm, sweet chestnuts make the ultimate seasonal treat. Here in The Netherlands you’ll mainly find the round, unrelated horse chestnut, which […]

Lentil salad with roast pumpkin and walnuts

The past few weeks here in Holland we’ve been treated to an amazingly beautiful autumn, with bright blue skies, mild temperatures and a view of every shade of red, orange and yellow in the book. Now that November rains have started, I’m holding on to that happy sensation by bringing those vibrant autumnal colours and flavours to my plate […]

Amazing pumpkin bread – classic, GF and vegan version

With pumpkin season being in full swing and Halloween coming up, I’ve been experimenting with sweet and savoury pumpkin dishes all week long. Living in a country where we don’t traditionally celebrate Halloween, our girls did carve their pumpkins – not into scary faces, though, but into their favourite cuddly animals (if you’d like to […]

Potato salad with sugar snap peas, almonds and fresh oregano

This week I signed up for a local egg delivery service. Free range eggs, delivered straight from the local chicken to my door. When not raising your own chickens, you can’t get any more fresh than that! Since I use loads of eggs in my cooking, I was quite enthusiastic about the arrangement that would […]

Fresh pattypan squash and courgette tart with basil ricotta

From September onwards, you can see them appearing on porches and garden tables: little decorative squashes, announcing the start of fall. Varying from smooth and pale white to striped and knobbly, these flying saucer shaped pattypan squashes or button squashes are sold everywhere in Holland as seasonal decoration. When I picked up my girl at […]

Gluten free buckwheat and quinoa shortcrust pastry

This wholesome gluten free shortcrust pastry makes a lovely crumbly base for quiches and tarts. The buckwheat and quinoa flour give it a deep, warm flavour which pairs wonderfully with fresh and more savoury fillings, like it does in our pattypan squash and courgette tart with basil ricotta. I don’t use xanthan gum when I […]

Kohlrabi salad: two wonderful ways

My friend Anca has a beautiful vegetable garden. The garden itself isn’t big, but she and her husband packed it with vegetable plots, glass houses for exotic herbs and lattice work for high-growing tomato plants and bean stalks. When she was giving me a tour the other day past beautiful black cherry tomatoes, cheerfully spotted […]

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