hot chocolate

Vegan hot chocolate with freshly infused chai spices

Happy new year! The holidays are over and regular life has started again. I planned to leap into this new year with a fresh, veg-packed recipe to drastically leave behind all holiday indulgence. But after an unusually soft winter, temperatures have now dropped to freezing point and the first snow fall has announced itself. So […]

Christmas Bundt cake

Vegan Christmas Bundt cake with orange and white chocolate icing

The house is decorated with leafy wreaths and dried orange slices, the floor is covered with half-wrapped presents and my Christmas playlist is playing on repeat – Christmas is coming! And there’s nothing like a little festive baking to get into the spirit. This Christmas Bundt cake is the perfect treat to enjoy during the […]

vegan bourguignon

Vegan bourguignon with Puy lentils and mustard mash

Autumn is well on its way and comfort food is in order. When the rain is pouring down the windows, nothing spells cosy more than fluffy mashed potatoes and a big pan of hearty stew. The ideal occasion, in short, for this vegan bourguignon to shine! As the name suggests, this dish is a vegan […]

quince tartlets

Vegan quince tartlets with frangipane and soft autumn spices

With autumn well on its way and pumpkins and mushrooms having returned to my kitchen as regular guests, I realised this season I hadn’t made anything using quinces yet. So when I happened upon a beautiful batch of quinces last week, I jumped at the opportunity to turn them into a delicious seasonal treat. The […]

rose petal ice cream

Vegan rose petal ice cream with cardamom and vanilla

To me, rose-flavoured treats are the most elegant treats around. With their delicate scent, rose petals give a touch of luxury and indulgence to any dish they’re added to. This holds true for drinks, sweet bakes and even breakfast cereals, and it certainly does so in ice cream.  So the other day, when I wanted […]

coffee and walnut cake

Vegan coffee and walnut cake with coffee cashew cream

It’s no secret autumn is my favourite season. Nature is turning all beautiful shades of red, brown and golden and I just love it. These autumn months mark several birthdays in our family. And though this year, for obvious reasons, our birthday celebrations may be mainly online occasions, they must be accompanied by very real […]

buckwheat pizza

Buckwheat pizza with red pesto and late summer veg

September is granting us a beautiful Indian summer. While the afternoons are mild and sunny, the mornings start with that new chill in the air that announces the change of the season. I love the approach of autumn and the prospect of cosy cooking and baking. But before I’ll happily transition to everything pumpkin and […]

apple pie

Vegan apple pie with lemon, pecans and sweet autumn spices

Apple pie season is here! The unusual heat wave of the last two months has left most of my newly sown veggie plants cropless, but our old apple tree managed to produce a beautiful batch of apples as if nothing has been the matter. So now that tempertures are dropping, what can be better than […]

grilled peaches

Summer salad with grilled peaches and basil croutons

Summer fruit is at its peak right now. Strawberries were never sweeter, soft stone fruits are at their juiciest and so full of flavour. I’m enjoying them by the handfuls these weeks, munching on them for breakfast and all through the day or turning them into summer bakes. So why not include them in dinner […]

strawberry balsamic vinaigrette

Fresh and seasonal strawberry balsamic vinaigrette

Strawberries are at their sweetest right now. They’re perfect for munching on by the handful and for taking centre stage in your summer bakes, nicecream and smoothies. But did you know they also work wonders in savoury dishes? As the key flavour in this strawberry balsamic vinaigrette, for example. This quick and easy vinaigrette pairs […]

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