raspberry granita

Raspberry granita with prosecco and mint

Do you prefer your summer refreshment on a stick or on a spoon? As you will guess from the picture, I’ll pick the spoon any time. Granita must be my favourite icy summer treat. It’s light, crisp and full-flavoured and there’s just nothing like the feeling of those flaky crystals melting on your tongue with […]

basil lemon syrup

Basil and lemon syrup made with whole lemons

Summer has arrived and summer drinks are in order! These days I’m alternating between large jugs of fresh, unsweetened iced green tea and glasses of a sweeter alternative: sparkly lemonade made with homemade basil and lemon syrup. Making your own lemonade syrup is much easier than you may think. Its base is a simple sugar […]

cashew cream cheese

Cashew cream cheese with wild garlic and spring herbs

The shaded corners of my garden are filled with pretty white flowers, which means that the season for wild garlic is almost at its end. The pointed leaves of wild garlic are among the first to start growing after winter, which makes them a welcome herald of spring every year. And as I adore their […]

roasted asparagus

Oven-roasted asparagus with vinaigrette, fresh herbs and capers

Asparagus season is here! As I love this veg, I’m making the most of its wide availability and cook bunches of it every week these days. The sturdy green variety is particularly versatile. It can be blanched or griddled, used as part of a stir-fry or shaved in raw ribbons to make up a salad […]

spaghetti with cashew cream

Spaghetti with cashew cream, peas and mushrooms

Some days comfort food is called for. And on days like these, nothing beats pasta in a creamy sauce. Below you’ll find my current favourite version: spaghetti with cashew cream, peas and mushrooms. This one ticks all the boxes: it’s creamy, nutritious, filled with different textures and flavours and easy to whip up. As said, […]

buckwheat biscotti

Buckwheat biscotti with orange and fennel seed

Before I went vegan, biscotti were one of my favourite kinds of cookies. With their crisp texture and subtle citrus flavour, they embodied elegant munching, with a small espresso on the side. As I loved my shop-bought ones, the thought of baking them myself never occurred to me. A pity, really, because everybody knows EVERYTHING, […]

steamed buns

Vegan steamed buns with peppery hoisin glazed mushrooms

When comfort food is called for, steamed buns are the thing. There’s just something about these pillowy Chinese rolls that makes you forget everything around you the moment you sink your teeth in them. You can buy them fresh or frozen at supermarkets and oriental stores, but did you know it’s actually quite easy to […]


Savoury Christmas wreath with roasted veg and fresh herbs

I love preparing for the holidays. From early December I shamelessly indulge in Christmas songs, pondering on what to get the people I love and particularly what to feed them on the big day. This doesn’t change the fact that mysteriously every year Christmas seems to arrive a week earlier than I expect it to, […]

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