sour cherry compote

Sour cherry compote with lemon and vanilla

Sour cherry season’s here! Contrary to their sweet siblings, sour cherries aren’t pleasant to eat straight off the tree – unpleasant being an understatement, considering the look of sheer panic on my youngest’s face after she unsuspectingly put one in her mouth. However, with their tart, concentrated cherry flavour these bright red little gems are […]

lime granita

Mint-infused cucumber and lime granita

This week the hot summer Europe has had for the past month has also reached our little country, with temperatures rising to over 36°C! But I come prepared. Iced green tea is cold-brewing in my fridge, my freezer is stacked with the ingredients for mango and turmeric smoothies and I just made a double batch […]

jackfruit rendang

Jackfruit rendang with quick pickles and toasted cauli rice

Rendang is a childhood favourite dish of mine. In my home country The Netherlands, Indonesian food is hugely popular, and especially the Dutch-Indonesian rendition of it: the “Indonesian rice table”. It’s the name given to a feast of small dishes: spiced veggies, fried plantain, curried eggs and different meaty stews, accompanied by rice, pickles and […]

flatbread pizzas

Flatbread pizzas with baba ganoush and roasted veg

Pizza night is always a happy night at our place. There’s nothing quite as fun as starting with a pizza base and stacking on as many different ingredients as you like for a custom-made, relaxed dinner. Lately we swapped traditional pizza bases for fluffy yogurt flatbreads to make these easy flatbread pizzas. With their airy […]


Red cabbage coleslaw with sesame dressing and mixed seeds

Sometimes simple is best. Whenever I tend to forget this premise in my cooking, there’s this delicious red cabbage coleslaw to remind me. Recently, this coleslaw became one of my go-to lunches and every time I eat it, I instantly feel happy and energetic. It’s a simple toss-everything-together-and-enjoy-straight-away dish, using just a few ingredients and […]

wild garlic tortellini

Wild garlic tortellini with broad bean pesto and basil oil

Spring is here! Regardless of nightly frost and occasional hail storms still passing over Holland, what makes it undeniably so is the emergence of wild garlic in our forests, hedgerows and, I’m happy to say, in the shaded corners of my own garden. As wild garlic is one of the first edible things to start […]

French toast

Pumpkin spiced French toast with yogurt and citrus wedges

Spring break started this week and I’ve come prepared: I stocked up on the basics for the ultimate French toast, to treat myself and my loved ones to the most lovely leasurely breakfast. Ever since I was little, my mum made the best French toast – and so she still does. I don’t know if […]

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