Unsweetened iced green tea with jasmin and peach

This past week I´ve been convinced nature must be confused. It´s been 30+ degrees the whole week, with intermittent warm showers pouring down on us. Warm showers! We´re in the cool North here, we don´t do warm rain! This is supposed to be the time when people start complaining summer will never come – but here we are. It´s almost too hot to move and even too hot to drink tea. So thank heavens for iced tea!

iced green tea

As a teenager I used to drink gallons of commercial iced tea to stay cool in the summer. These days I prefer making my own, because it tastes even better, it´s super easy to whip up and it´s twice as refreshing without all the sugar. Besides, you can flavour your tea just as you fancy . The iced green tea in the picture is a current favourite with me and the girls. This says something, because usually the girls are a bit doubtful when it comes to hot green tea, due to the risk of bitterness lurking in the background. Not so with this cold variety, though. It´s a cold brew tea, which means the tea leaves are steeped in cold water for several hours. This is not only easier than making a hot tea and then letting it cool, it also results in a much more delicately flavoured tea without a hint of bitterness.

iced green tea

My jasmin bushes are in full bloom right now, so at the moment I´m flavouring this tea with fresh jasmin flowers, but in the absence of blooming bushes, a few spoonfuls of dried jasmin green tea will do the trick just as well. Simply pop a jug with tea leaves, optional flowers and cold water in the fridge at night and your perfectly flavoured iced green tea will be standing ready for you in the morning. Some freshly sliced peach for sweetness and mint leaves for good looks and you´ll be able to keep a cool head no matter what.

Happy summer days!

iced green tea

Unsweetened iced green tea with jasmin and peach – makes 1½ litre


  • 2 tbsp. loose green tea leaves
  • a few fresh jasmin flowers (optional). Alternatively, use 2 spoonfuls of loose-leaf jasmin green tea or 2 bags of jasmin green tea in stead of the loose leaves and fresh flowers.
  • 1½ litre of cold water
  • 2 wild peaches, washed and thinly sliced
  • sprigs of mint, for garnish and additional flavour
  • ice cubes



Tip the green tea leaves and the jasmin flowers (or the flavoured tea bags) in a large jug. Pour over the cold water, then put the jug in the fridge. Leave the tea to infuse for 6-8 hours.

When steeped to your liking, strain the tea into a glass jug. If it’s turned out too strong, dilute with a bit of cold water. Stored in the fridge, the tea will now keep well for several days.

Just before using, add half of the peach slices to the jug.

Serve in glasses over ice, garnished with mint sprigs and the remaining slices of peach.

iced green tea