Very easy cucumber and yogurt sauce

This sauce is simple, fresh and wonderful! It’s a regular at our place, because it is my daughters’ favourite sauce and because it is ready in minutes.

The way it is prepared below, with only four ingredients, it has a mild flavour, making it compatible with any dish. If you like, you can spice it up by stirring in some chopped garlic, ginger or chilli. Adding fresh green herbs like mint and coriander leaves turns it into a traditional raita. Chopped chives give it a Nordic touch, whereas with mint and dill it becomes more like cacik or tzatziki.

It is lovely as a topping for quinoa with grilled aubergines, as a dip for raw vegetables or sweet potato fries and as a sauce on my chickpea burgers.



Very easy cucumber and yogurt sauce – serves 4


  • ⅟₄ cucumber, unpeeled
  • 170 g Greek yoghurt
  • flavoured sea salt; I used Fair Trade sea salt with dried flowers and green herbs
  • freshly ground black pepper


Finely grate the cucumber over a bowl. Stir in the yoghurt and season to taste with the sea salt and pepper.

That’s it!