Spring pesto with wild garlic, walnuts and lemon zest

This Easter weekend we visited my father-in-law at his house at the South coast of Holland. I was talking to him about the inspiring side of Instagram, where people from all around the globe show you what they cook with freshly picked herbs which, as far as I know, don’t grow in The Netherlands (like sea […]


Springtime smoothie with vanilla and lime

A quick and easy drink this week, building up to Easter brunch. Using just five ingredients, this fresh and healthy smoothie celebrates spring like nothing else! The magic flavour combination comes from coconut, lime and fresh vanilla, three ingredients which I think are just made for each other. I use fresh vanilla seeds whenever I […]


Tom kha phak – Vegetarian Thai coconut soup

In this first full spring week, my appetite has immediately shifted towards fresh and light flavours and this coconut soup is the perfect answer. Combining some classic Thai ingredients, it’s sweet, sour, savoury and spicy all at once. Better still, this fresh and full-flavoured wonder is up and ready in under 20 minutes. After not […]

Oaty pancakes with cherry compote and plant-based quark

This weekend my girls asked me why I never made them pancakes for breakfast anymore. I had to admit that these past winter months I’d become so porridge-minded, I had spent the weekends cooking quinoa porridge, baked apple oatmeal, fruit-laden oatmeal bakes and variations on the three, completely forgetting about the existence of pancakes. But the […]

banana bread

Choc banana bread with walnuts and blueberries

This spring break week I’ve been hen-sitting my friend Anouk’s chickens. She has three hens, each of them with a different character, who spend their days softly clucking and curiously foraging and scratching about in her big garden. In exchange for the provision of grains and fresh water I was allowed to take the eggs left […]

red pepper sauce

Courgette ribbons with roasted red pepper sauce and walnut pangrattato

I recently read in a food magazine that vegetables suffer from bad reputation. Apparently people don’t like eating them, because they supposedly lack flavour. In general I try not to let myself be influenced by image and public opinion too much. Some days more successfully so than other ones, but when it comes to this, it goes without effort. […]


Herby quinoa with roasted purple cauliflower

Around me, everyone is coughing and sniffling in these last months of winter. Although outside temperatures are slowly beginning to rise already, some extra immune support seems to be much needed in this time of year. Yesterday I came across these gorgeous-looking cauliflower varieties, romanesco and purple cauliflower. They seem to let the sun rise all by […]

tortilla chips

Baked corn and chickpea tortilla chips

Tortilla chips are one of my guilty pleasures. I love their crunchy texture and bold flavouring, but because I can hardly contain myself once I open a bag, I try not to buy them that often. The other day I was making this lovely black bean and sweetcorn salad which just begged me for tortilla […]

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